Somatic Sex Educator and Pleasure Coach


Take your Power to the Next Level


Unlock your Feminine Shine

Deepen Intimacy and Connection


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Awakening the Feminine Shine

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Create a Space of Love

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I am holding space for you to shine





I help individuals and couples reconnect with their innate sensual nature to embody more passion, joy and beauty in their life






  •  Expand Your Threshold
  • Awaken Your Sexual Power
  • Gain More Confidence



  • Communicate Your Desires
  • Rekindle Your Passion & Love Life
  • Enhance Your Loving Skills




  • Reclaim Your Pleasure 
  • Create Vibrant Sexual Health
  • Attract What You Desire




With decades of experience, helping thousands of individuals, couples and groups to have more fulfilling relationships and love life.

Céline’s passion is to empower others in building deeper connections and awakening to more pleasure in their lives. Her mission is to change the world through the celebration of our bodies and the practice of conscious sexuality.

She has traveled extensively and has been taught by renowned masters and highly regarded sexuality teachers.

She has studied many forms of holistic healing including yoga, herbalism, cosmetology, energy healing, bodywork, compassionate communication, alternative relationships models as well as a variety of sacred sexuality traditions.




What guests and friends have said about my integrity, skills, personality, and services:

A special human being and a beautiful awesome woman!

“Dear Celine, Thank you very much for the extraordinary, sublime, amazing, session of exquisite pleasure and so much more. You are a very special woman possessing intelligence, empathy, humor, morality, ethics, beauty, charm and magic. You are authentic, sincere, sweet, kind and completely non-judgmental. With you I experienced profound sensations until now only imagined. “


Treat this Goddess Nice, She is Rare

“I was greeted at private, clean home. I felt safe and was received with a cute smile. She is stunningly beautiful and just as sweet. Her eyes gazed on me just as I am. I felt relief. Skillful touch that was sensual and intimate. She possesses powerful and unique knowledge. I felt invigorated and relaxed. She stretched and rubbed me. Pleasurable body slide and tantric moves. Offered me tea and a hot shower. Will see her again when I am in southern CA. Treat this goddess nice, she is rare. “

Bodi ~Boulder, CO

True Healer

” Once in a blue moon, a true healer comes along with a touch of the Divine. Celine, in Latin (not the French), means “Heaven”. And that is exactly where this rare Goddess will lead you in her 90 minute session of focused therapeutic magic, warm nurturing, uniquely adept tapping and awakening of a Man’s inner vitality. All of you out there, you true gentlemen, with class and genuine appreciation for that elusively rare, class act, who also happens to be a striking beauty … go worship at her altar in the oak woods of Vista. You will surely be blessed. The rest of you cheap pervs, stay away. :-)

Mike ~San Diego, CA